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You Tube is For Kids, Right?

What do you think of when you think of You Tube?  Maybe a spot for goofy videos or how-to tutorials?  Well, there is a lot more to it than that.

You Tube is the second biggest search engine in the world! 

Wouldn’t it make sense to use this powerful tool to help sell your home?  Let’s talk about it.

Your Real Estate Agent’s You Tube Channel

When you were choosing a real estate agent to sell your house did you remember to ask if they have a social media presence?  Of course, this would include a You Tube Channel.

My channel has over 400 videos on the Coastal Florida real estate market and our lifestyle.

I began adding videos years ago once I discovered the potential reach of You Tube and heard that it was the number two search engine in the world.  In fact, I was approached by one of the most progressive local brokerages to produce a huge number of videos for them since they realized the potential capabilities of YT.

They eventually used a template format to produce several hundred, impersonal videos using their inventory of photos collected over the years.  But these videos lack a personal touch.

The Personal Touch

The template approach is one way to quickly blanket certain search terms (like Jupiter Homes for Sale) but is missing the real potential of You Tube, namely the personal touch.

Static “videos”, like those produced with a template are really designed to compete for search terms and direct buyers to a company’s website.  There is nothing catchy about them nor are they designed to be shared with friends or other social media sites.

Other Companies

The largest, family owned, real estate company in South Florida has less than 75 videos and hasn’t posted a new one in over 4 months.  They surely have thousands of listings but none are listed on their channel.

And, since I have been in local real estate for 14 years, I know a lot of agents.  Very, very few produce any personal videos.  Many upload videos they have purchased from their photographers (if the agent has a channel) or they post the virtual tour to the MLS.

The Personal Touch

Google, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have “LIVE” capabilities since the personal or live feed is what makes a video come alive and get shared.  And sharing is the what this is all about.

In fact, all these social media sites give preferential treatment to “live” streams or videos.

I just did a YT search for “Abacoa Homes for Sale” and got a paltry 3,300 results.  With nearly 100 homes for sale at any time in Abacoa and hundreds of agents in this area, where are the videos?  One of the busiest agents in Abacoa, who does a tremendous amount of advertising on Zillow, only has 35 videos over the past two years and none featuring their listings.

So What’s The Point?

When selecting an agent, ask about not only You Tube but their social media strategy in general.  You will want to have a lively and personal video made about your home and uploaded to You Tube and other social media sites.  In fact, one of the most progressive real estate companies in the country has sellers do a short, personal video about the house so buyers can hear first hand how great it is to live in a particular house.

Holding an open house or many over a series of weeks?  Get your You Tube video out early so it can be found and shared.

If you would like to have a conversation about getting your house sold quickly and smoothly, use the form to reach me.

Richard Sites, Realtor