Create Desire With Great Pictures

Pictures can make or break the sale of your house.  Today we live in a world of astounding visual displays including 4K and even 5K.  Nearly everyone has a smart phone with a fantastic display and they use these phones to search online for a home.  So, should you offer a Virtual Tour when selling?  Let’s talk about it for a minute.

Virtual reality

What is a Virtual Tour?

Ideally, a VT would offer prospective buyers a glimpse inside or outside the house.  However, mostly what happens is the photography company slaps the photos into software that pans back and forth across the photos simulating movement.

This series of pictures, actually just a slideshow, is set to music and lasts about a minute or two.  The choice of music is very critical to the success of a tour so hopefully they make a good choice.

Steady Cam Videos

Some more expensive photographers offer video tours of the homes, not a slideshow as described above.  These are closer to really being inside or outside the home.  Usually, these tours are offered to the agent on DVD for distribution to prospective buyers and, hopefully, they are posted on You Tube or Vimeo.

Aerial or Drone Photography

Aerial photography is the only way to really show off a property.  Right now, it is mostly saved for more expensive homes, but it should be a part of every listing.  Aerial photography is the future of real estate photos.


Virtual Reality

In a world of Virtual Reality, buyers put on a headset with goggles that give them a simulated 3-D tour through the house.  However, the headset is cumbersome and eliminates all the emotional buying signals that help create demand on the part of the buyers.

And, since women make the final buying decision eliminating the emotions associated with buying is a mistake.

I think these VR setups will appeal only to younger men and, like QR codes, I doubt that they will ever catch on.

What Should You Do With the Tours?

They should be shared across the Internet and be a part of your agent’s social media posting schedule.  Then, you should share or retweet the tour across your accounts to widen the distribution.

They can also be posted on social media as ads then the demographics can be tailored to the right kind of buyers and the cost is surprisingly cheap.

The Take Away

Posting old-fashioned “slideshows” doesn’t really help sell your house. When selecting an agent, make sure that:

1. An aerial tour, or drone photography, is included in the marketing no matter what the price of the home.

2. Make sure a real “virtual tour” is being posted on all major social media sites.

3. As always, make sure to check your house online just like buyers would.

4. Always use real video footage in addition to still photography.

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Richard Sites, Realtor