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Marina Gardens: Under contract in 29 days

Our market is hot again and the proof is that everywhere you turn new homes are going up.  All the major builders who can afford the demographic studies to support them have big projects underway.  And I recently placed a luxury waterfront townhouse under contract in just 29 days.

Marina Gardens townhouses for sale

The Marina Gardens unit was listed for sale at $ 1.225 million or for rent.  As it turns out, it was put under contract for a long term rental in just 29 days.

The tenant had recently sold his home in Old Palm, where Brad Faxon, Lee Westwood and Ian Baker-Finch also have their homes on the market, and purchased a condo in Azure.  Since the new unit is not completed, he was looking for a long term luxury rental.

Last year, we put the townhouse up for sale or rent and rented it out in just a couple of weeks to a couple who, like the current tenant, had purchased a $1 million home in PGA National and were completing renovations.

In Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens there are currently 353 homes on the market priced over $1 million. The 27 that have closed in the last 30 days have averaged just 77 days on the market.

If you are thinking about selling, now may be the perfect time to move forward with your plans.  If it makes sense to have a conversation about selling quickly and smoothly, you can reach me at 561-762-4073 or you can find me on all major social media venues.

Richard Sites, Realtor