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Selling Your House? Can Twitter Help You?

Twitter has taken the country by storm. Nearly every night, the evening news reports about the activity on Twitter by the presidential candidates.  And every media star has an active following.  So can it really help you sell your house?

Twitter for real estate

Let’s take a look at some of the numbers.

As for followers:  Obama and Donald Trump each have nearly 10 million, Clinton 7.5 million, Burberry 6.8 million and GM 523,000.  That’s a lot of personal contact.  While people are slow to adopt new ideas, like telephone answering machines, they eventually reach critical mass and take off.

Twitter and Real Estate

Perhaps the most forward thinking company in this arena, Corcoran, has 27,000 followers while Good Life Realty in Austin has about 2,600.  GLR was recognized by no less than Apple for their innovative approach to the real estate business.  Back home, the largest, locally owned real estate company has just 229 followers.

So how is Twitter going to help get your house sold?

Houses are sold through exposure, plain and simple.  They are not sold by some secret marketing sauce.  Exposure, whether by Mike Ferry style phone calls, postcards, Facebook ads or website exposure is what sells houses.

Buyers can come from the least likely places such as programs for the Palm Beach Boat Show or even ads in the local theater.  So adding exposure on social media, repeatedly, can certainly help.

Twitter is a high volume, low value proposition space so continued posting is required to get traction.

PS:  I had buyers contact me from Europe interested in homes for sale in Admirals Cove in the $2 million range because they found me on Twitter.  Is your home showing up on Twitter?

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Richard Sites, Realtor