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Top 3 communities for waterfront properties in Jupiter

Jupiter is known for it’s waterfront lifestyle.  When most people think of the Jupiter lifestyle, our famous beach comes to mind.  In fact, I grew up in South Florida and I believe these are the finest beaches along the Southeast Florida coast.  But we have other types of waterfront property here too.

Jupiter beach

Along the Loxahatchee River, there are riverfront estates that are priced into the low millions.  Waterfront homes in Admirals Cove push that number up a couple of million more.  Then there are the one of a kind waterfront homes, like Rory McIlroy’s home or Tiger Woods’ home that can run into the many millions.

So, where are the best locations for waterfront homes in Jupiter?

One of the top 3 communities would have to be Jonathan’s Landing in Jupiter.  Located on Indiantown Road just north of Admirals Cove, JL, as the residents call it, has both fresh and salt water locations you could call home. Lakefront condos start in the mid-$300’s, single family lakefront homes might run between $500-$650,000 and those homes on Casseekey Island run to the mid-$2 million mark.  There are about 33 homes on the market now.

Jonathan's Landing

Another great community of lakefront homes is The Shores of Jupiter.  This northern Jupiter location offers medium priced, family homes that are slightly older and situated on oak lined streets.  Not all the homes are on lakes, but many are and the neighborhood of about 600 homes has always been very popular.  There are only 6 homes on the market now with prices mostly in the mid-$400’s.

And finally, no discussion of Jupiter waterfront homes would be complete without mentioning those the Loxahatchee River.  Riverfront estates start around $1.5 million yet some on Pennock Point can reach into the $3 million range.  Some of the homes with riverfront access are located on canals are prices on these homes are usually in the $600-$800,000 area.  There are an equal number of riverfront homes for sale in Tequesta.

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