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The One Phrase That Is Guaranteed To Keep Your House From Selling

Don’t Take This Attitude If You Really Want To Sell

When you’re ready to sell your house, there are plenty of “tips” you can get from professional, full-time real estate agents that will help your house sell  quickly.

Of course, you can find plenty more on the Internet.  But in spite of these tips, the number one thing that will cause your house to sell is your motivation.

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But there is one phrase that can keep the house from selling and it can be a thought as well as a spoken word.

That phrase is, “Well, I’m not going to give it away!”.

Let me translate that for you.  It means I think my house is worth X dollars and that is what I want for it.  However, buyers, not sellers, determine what the house is worth.

And this situation could be even worse if Mr. & Mrs. Seller have been listening to the chatter in the neighborhood about the price of homes.  One of the worst places to get accurate real estate information is the chatter on the street.

The second worst place for accurate information is the Internet, especially Zillow’s  Zestimates.

The best place for accurate information is a full-time, professional real estate agent with facts and figures to back up the price.  And don’t be fooled by the theory of the “magic marketing sauce” that some company is offering that will get you more than the house is worth.

A house is only worth what a buyer who is not under duress will pay, period!

Once, a frustrated seller called and asked what I thought his house was worth.  I knew the neighborhood and gave him a range, “In the mid-$700’s”.  He yelled back into the phone, “Well, I’m not going to give it away!”.  He went through 5 agents over the next 3 years before he took $530,000.  Not going to give it away?

So the phrase “I’m not going to give it away” actually means I want to see if someone will give me the price I want.  It does not mean I need and want to sell so I can move forward with my plans.

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Richard Sites, Jupiter Realtor

Richard Sites