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The 2 Biggest Myths When Selling Your House

When it comes to selling your house you need facts and answers, not myths.  Let’s take a look at the two biggest myths out there.

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The first myth is some company or agent saying, “We have all the buyers”.  Last week, I wrote on the truth about this in my post on the 8%.  With the Internet, no one company or agent can have all the buyers.  Period.

How could one company or agent out compete all the other web sites by companies, agents, and aggregation sites like  These large sites have unlimited funds for SEO so they are on the top of all Internet searches.

And, they sell leads to agents who advertise on these sites.  When you drill down into the numbers, very, very few agents have a high percentage of deals where they work with both the seller and buyer.

The second big myth is that some company has “secret marketing sauce” that will get your house sold faster than everyone else.  If this was true, everyone would know about it and be using it.  Price and value sell houses. Period.

Now, some companies or agents may have a more aggressive approach to new technologies like aerial photography or the use of social media. The price you receive for your house and the speed with which it sells are a result of preparation or staging, location, accessibility and exposure.  When these items are addressed with a high degree of professionalism, your house will sell.  Period.

Buyers are out there looking in your price range.  They are ready, willing and able to buy.  They are ready to give you their money. Are you going to help them?

Over the last three days, 23 houses have closed just in the Jupiter area at prices as high as $2.3 million so there is somebody out there looking for a house just like yours.  Address the situation correctly and you won’t need to worry about secret sauce.

And remember, hope is not an effective selling strategy.

If you would like to have a conversation about selling your house quickly and smoothly please contact me directly at 561-762-4073.  I have been helping sellers move forward with their plans for 13 years and can do the same for you.

Richard Sites, Realtor