Tequesta home: Listed and sold by Richard Sites - Coastal Florida Real Estate

Tequesta home: Listed and sold by Richard Sites

I just helped some out of town owners sell their Tequesta home quickly and smoothly.  Fortunately, they listened when I told them how to prepare the house for sale and my clients placed it under contract immediately.

It took 2 months to prepare the house properly for sale but when I put it on the Internet, it attracted 7 showings the first day and I was able to place the home under contract that day.

The house was a Florida ranch style still owned by the original homeowner.  While outdated, it had “great bones” and a waterfront view of the Tequesta golf course. This made up for some of the deficiencies.

139 Country Club Dr Tequesta-large-025-26-Aerial-1335x1000-72dpi

I also knew that aerial photography would be the only way we could truly capture the essence of this house.

So first, we replaced some of the carpet.  Not all, just some.  There is a saying, “It is what it is” and this was true for the rest of the carpeting.  No matter what you install, buyers will want something else.

The carpet was installed, then we turned to some drywall damage that had to be repaired and painted.  Once that was complete a cleaning crew came through and worked their magic.

Making sure the house is clean is as important as making sure it is de-cluttered and de-personalized.

While all this was taking place, a pool company turned what was a green pool into a sparkling and inviting one.

Once all this was complete, professional photographers were brought in to capture the highly desirable features of the home and shoot aerials.

The house went in the MLS late one afternoon where it was syndicated across all major real estate websites.

The calls started coming in a 8:00 the next morning and within 2 hours I had an offer.  2 hours later, I had another. By noon, it was under contract with all cash buyers.

If you or someone you know is thinking of selling, the market is red hot again.  You can verify this because all the big home building companies are putting up homes as fast as they can.  If you would like to have a confidential conversation about moving forward with your plans, contact me directly at 561-762-4073 or use the form below.