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Televisions have become too commonplace in America.  You can hardly go anywhere, from the vet’s office to any restaurant, without a TV blaring away.  Usually they are unsupervised so we are bombarded with the likes of hysterical mothers accusing a man, or several, or being the father of her child or any other such nonsense.

“Sports Bars” are especially notorious for an excessive number of televisions and the two bars in Jupiter have the walls covered with TV’s and they are hanging from the ceiling. But if you are selling your house, one place you don’t want a TV is in the bedroom.

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When selling your house, you want to create atmosphere.  That’s the whole idea behind baking cookies or lighting an aroma candle when buyers are coming or during an open house.

In fact, one local agent makes a point of advertising each week in the paper that his “famous cookies” will be served at his weekend open houses. These “famous cookies” really just come from Publix but he has baked them hundreds of times during open houses and it is now part of his professional persona.

When selling, you are trying to help buyers imagine themselves enjoying your home as much as you do and good atmosphere can do this.  Conversely, bad atmosphere can have the opposite effect.

Bad Atmosphere

In addition to creating good atmosphere, you want to guard against bad atmosphere.  Loud neighbors or traffic noise can have a detrimental effect on your sale.

One exclusive club located near a busy highway here has installed water elements  throughout the community and a huge waterfall near the clubhouse to create white noise and cover the road noise.

Too Much Technology

Technology for the most part has little emotional appeal so why install so much of it.  I know the “smart house” is supposed to be really cool right now but there is a limit to it.

And a massive TV in the bedroom crosses the line.

The Video Camera in the Bedroom

I was once is an estate home for sale where there was a video camera set up on a tripod pointing at the bed.  I won’t make any further comments on this, draw your own conclusions.

Look at the picture above.  This is the master bedroom in a $7 million waterfront penthouse.  Does this massive TV look a little out of place?

When you walk into the room, you are greeted by this overwhelming presence and completely distracted from the view and the room.

Now the folks selling the penthouse in the picture above are in a different financial category than most people.  They bought an oceanfront mansion on Palm Beach and this little $7 million unit was now simply an afterthought.  So, whether they sell quickly or not was a moot point for them.

And, someone buying a home in this price range will have a professional designer or decorator who will see past the TV.

But if you have a “normal” size home to sell, take the TV out of the bedroom.  I think small signs or embroidered pillows that mention highly emotional words like love, peace, joy, happiness or marriage can make a bedroom feel welcoming but a giant TV does not.

Question:  Do you think having a TV in the bedroom is helpful when selling?

Richard Sites, Realtor