SURVEYS: DO YOU NEED ONE? - Coastal Florida Real Estate


Surveys are an important part of the residential real estate transaction.  Surveys determine the exact boundaries of the property you are considering buying.


When there is a lender involved, surveys are mandatory.  In a cash transaction, a survey is optional but let’s take a look at the pros and cons of getting a survey.

Surveys for a Lender

When there is a mortgage lender involved in a residential real estate transaction, 2 things are required: A survey and an appraisal. Both of these items protect the lender’s investment in the property.

A survey determines the actual property lines and any encroachments or easements.

In the current FAR-BAR contract for residential real estate, if the current owner has a survey they have to provide it to the buyer within 5 days of the effective date of the contract. This means the buyer would simply need to have the old survey updated.

Surveys, whether old, new or updated, are a critical element in avoiding a lawsuit.  For example, surveys can determine if a fence is actually installed on the correct parcel of property.  A fence company may have just taken the owner’s word about the property line and could have installed it in the wrong place.  Here’s another example:

In a sale I was involved in, the owner of a home also owned the vacant property next door.  When he had a storage shed delivered and installed, it was actually installed over the property line on the vacant lot.  When I sold the lot and the buyer had a survey done, it revealed the overage and the shed was moved.

If a homeowner has lived on a property for many years, they could have made many changes that would be revealed in a survey.  Access easements would also be revealed in a survey.  You could, in theory, buy a property which was part of a larger parcel that had been sub-divided.  If you bought an interior lot, you might not have legal access to it.

A survey would reveal this.

How would you feel about buying a property that had no legal access to it?

Buyers who are paying cash obviously are not required to get a survey since there is not lender involved.  But they should get one to protect themselves.  If lenders do this to protect themselves, why wouldn’t you?

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