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Staghorn ferns add add tropical beauty to a Jupiter home

Living in Florida means you can grow tropical plants like orchids and staghorn ferns.  Staghorn ferns get a lot of attention, in fact my You Tube video on those in my yard has been seen over 4,100 times and friends have called when, after searching for information on these plants, came across my video and called for advice.

staghorn ferns jupiter florida

Staghorns, of which there are countless varieties, are extremely easy to grow.  As easy as orchids.  And if you live in South Florida all you have to do is attach one to a tree, give it a little water, and you are done.  They need a host tree for support but do not impact the tree in any negative way.

They are not parasites, they are epiphytes, meaning “air plants”.  I have attached them to pine trees and stuck them in the crotches of oak trees in my yard where they quickly flourish.

staghorn ferns in jupiter, florida

The back, or “shield”, fronds collect rotting leaves, bird droppings and other material which feeds the plants as the material decays.  They also collect water for the plant.  The lower fronds have the spores on them.

In any event, if you live here or are moving, don’t restrict your staghorns by planting in a milk crate and then hang it from a tree, as most people do.  Tie it to a tree and it will reward you by flourishing and adding a tropical touch to the yard.

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