New homes are going up everywhere around here so there is a battle for buyers.  One of the most interesting contests is going on between Sonoma Isles and Jupiter Country Club.

Sonoma Isles

This is happening because of the strange location the 2 developments share.

Back in the real estate boom of the early 2000’s, builder WCI purchased a cow pasture on Indiantown Road called Parcel 19.  This parcel spanned Indiantown Road just west of the Florida Turnpike with half of the land on the north side of the road and the other half on the south side.

When WCI went under, they sold the parcel to Toll Brothers who decided to build Jupiter Country Club with estate homes wrapped around a Greg Norman Signature Golf Course.  (When they had their grand opening, Greg was there to describe the layout.) PS: A “Signature” course by any of the big names simply means their company designed and they signed off on it, they did not personally design it.

Trouble was, Toll Brothers did not want or need all the land.  So, on the south side they built 15 holes of the course then built a tunnel under (SR 706) Indiantown Road to the north side where the other 3 holes and the soon-to-be-built clubhouse & driving range were located.

The rest of the land around those 3 holes was still vacant.  So, in stepped DiVosta, a well known local builder who purchased the land for a development called Sonoma Isles.

Sonoma Isles is designed to have about 300 homes as well as commercial and retail space.

But Sonoma Isles and the Jupiter Country Club share the entrance and with a steady stream of buyers arriving at Sonoma Isles and, it appears, purchasing homes, Toll has decided to try and capture some of those buyers.

So, they have erected these signs along the road leading into Sonoma Isles.  From what I am witnessing, it appears sales are going better at Sonoma than JCC but I don’t have any facts.  I just know what I see when I drive through these communities.

Years ago, when Toll was building Frenchman’s Harbor near Juno, I had written so extensively and posted so much content about that development that one Sunday morning I got a call from the sales office saying that they had searched the Internet and couldn’t find anything but my stuff on page 1 of Google and said I would be hearing from their attorneys if I didn’t change tactics.

So it appears that they, Toll Brothers, is now taking advantage of the increased traffic to Sonoma Isles and offering a free membership to buyers of homes.

Trouble is, JCC features mainly golf course homes (although some are on the lakes) and Sonoma Isles offers a lake view with nearly every home and the prices in Sonoma Isles are lower for a single family home than in JCC.

It will be interesting to see how this battle for buyers plays out and since I pass by twice a day I’ll see the results.

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Richard Sites, Realtor