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Sonoma Isles: Registration for new homes starts next week

Sonoma Isles, the latest DiVosta project in our area, is scheduled to start registering people next week for the approximately 300 homes to be built there.  The location is directly across Indiantown Road from the main entrance to the Toll Brothers community of Jupiter Country Club.  It is also located near the Florida Turnpike and I-95, both of which have entrances here in Jupiter.

Sonoma Isles homes for sale in Jupiter, FL

DiVosta homes have been popular in this area for decades.  Buzz Divosta started with a simple concept of condo “quads” where 4 units shared one common roof, yet all were on the same level. (Other builders have tried this with 2 units upstairs and 2 units downstairs and have other names for them, like Carriage Homes).

Later, he developed a model using solid concrete walls constructed by pouring concrete into molds.  This model was actually used on the Florida Keys to make homes more “hurricane proof”.  He then adopted the slogan, “Built Solid”.

He limited his model selection to only a couple of options so there was very little time wasted with customers trying to decide which model to put on their new lot.  If you wanted a certain model, it was only available on certain lots.

If you are considering new construction in our area, there are quite a few options, each with it’s good and bad points. Let me show you the best opportunities to meet your lifestyle needs.  Unlike most agents, I have lived in the area for 25 years and know the market inside and out.

Richard Sites