Social media is the latest buzz phrase.  But, like most newer trends, there are folks who are hard to convince and even later to begin adopting things.  Let’s take a look a couple of examples.

Twitter for real estate

Here are a couple of social trends of the past and how they are perceived today.

Answering Machines

When answering machines first came out, plenty of people resisted the trend to use them.  Eventually though they became the norm.  Today, even the home phone has largely been replaced so the answering machine is on it’s way out too.

Smart Phones

In 2003, I had one of the very first smart phones which was an Audiovox PPC 4100.  When I plugged it into the charger and placed it on my desk, no one had ever seen anything like it and didn’t see the advantage.  Now most everyone has a smartphone.

The Internet

Today, an estimated 95% of home buyers start their search on the internet.  And if you decided today to move, how would you begin your home search?  On the internet, of course.

Yet, just a few short years ago this capability did not exist.  Listing were published in a thick book, “The MLS”, which was updated weekly.  Buyers would seek out an agent who would then proceed to find suitable listings in the MLS.

The small pictures were black and white and the book was hard to use.  Now you can search limitless listings from your smartphone.

Social Media

Today, social media is everywhere.  Facebook has over 2 billion users and the average Facebook user is logged on for an astonishing 50 minutes per day.

Most of the up-to-the-minute activity is posted on Twitter and Instagram, both designed for mobile postings, not Facebook. But they all offer users the ability to post ads to reach a targeted audience.

If you have a Twitter account, do a search for homes for sale in your neighborhood, zip code or city and see what comes up.  Then do a search for real estate agents in the same areas and see what comes up.

Of course as always, there are those people who quickly dismiss these trends but think about this.  Watch the evening news and see how they show the president’s Twitter tweets for the day.  Television has evolved into reporting what happened on Twitter.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and You Tube all provide users with the ability to “go live” and broadcast live from an open house or new listing.

How far is the reach of these mediums?  I had buyers call from Switzerland who found me on Twitter.q

So when choosing the right real estate agent be sure to ask about their social media presence.

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Richard Sites, Realtor