Selling your home soon or have it on the market now?  How are you reaching potential buyers?  Is your agent using postcards and/or social media and which is better?

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Which of these methods is more likely to get your house sold? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.

There are two things that get homes sold: Exposure and Value.  Let’s talk about these for a minute.


Reaching as many qualified buyers as possible is the goal of a listing agent.  Qualified buyers are different than the neighbors living near the house.

Postcards are generally sent to the neighbors with only one intent:  Securing more listings for the agent except in the case of very exclusive, luxury homes.  Why are these homes different?

Because people with plenty of money may move simply to acquire a certain lot or home site.  For example, they may want to live on a certain hole of the golf course or have a view the Intracoastal.  Since none of the obvious factors like commuting time, school zones or HOA fees affect their decisions, postcards could be a very effective way to let them know about a new listing.

Conversely, social media may not be the best way to reach them quickly.  But social media exposure could be a great way to cast a wide net for buyers of homes like those in Abacoa.

Facebook now has 2 billion users and the average Facebook user spends 50 minutes a day logged in.  I find these stats staggering but with such a large user population, they cannot be ignored.

Facebook ads and those on Instagram and Twitter, as well as You Tube videos, can reach a very targeted audience in terms of financial position, desire to buy, age, etc.  Your agent’s marketing plan must reach these people too.


Mailing postcards to the neighbors and posting ads on all social media channels is the first step.  But no buyer will make an offer unless they perceive value.

Retailers know this and use the familiar “CLEARANCE” signs to attract buyers.  They also use strategic locations for impulse sales but that is another story.  Car dealers use rebates to attract buyers who perceive greater value.

Excluding the luxury example cited above, nothing will get a house, or anything else, sold except value and urgency on the part of the buyer.

The Take Away

When selling your house, postcards and social media both have their places.  Be sure to implement both to guarantee success.

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Richard Sites, Realtor