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Snook Season Opens Again, Our Best In-Shore Game Fish

Snook fishing is very popular in the warmer parts of Florida and the season has just opened again along the Atlantic coast. The most popular of our in-shore game fishes, snook grow to 20 lbs. or more and can be caught from the beach or a boat in the Intracoastal Waterway and inlets until the weather turns cool again.

South Florida snook

The snook is a tropical fish found throughout South Florida and Central America.  Using nerves located in the distinctive, black, lateral stripe snook are fond of hunting at night when they can “sense” prey.

They prowl the beaches looking for “croakers” who are also prowling the beaches looking for sand fleas to eat.  In the summer, they congregate in the inlets to spawn before heading into the backwaters to wait out the winter.

You will always find snook fisherman at the Jupiter Inlet at night and sprinkled down the coast at dawn.  When the mullet begin their migratory run in late September, snook, along with tarpon, sharks and bluefish find the huge schools irresistible.

The FWC changes the “slot” sizes and limits yearly so check their website for requirements before fishing.

Richard Sites, Realtor