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Selling Your House? Is Your Agent Using Imagination?

Imagination is a wonderful thing.  Einstein gave more credit to his imagination than he did to his formal education.  In reality, imagination is really just creative problem solving.

Children have an abundance of imagination.  Take a child to the beach with nothing but a plastic shovel and they can entertain themselves for hours.  When an adult goes to the beach, they will bring bags and bags of stuff along and still think they forgot something.

Carlin Park

Unfortunately, when listing a home for sale most agents simply use the methodology passed down from other agents rather than tackling the problem themselves with creative thinking.  An indication of this is the fact that agents use lingo in real estate they never used in their previous careers.  An example is that “clients” are now referred to simply as “my people”, a phrase made popular by Moses.

Let me give you two personal examples of how I used imagination to get homes sold.


Ibis is a high end country club in West Palm Beach where homes can run into several million dollars.  When I entered the real estate business, I was “assigned” the Ibis area to develop with listings and sales.  The previous two agents who handled Ibis left an inventory of unsold homes, some of which had been on the market for years, for me to figure out how to sell.  Needless to say, the sellers were frustrated.

With no guidance, I turned my attention to a fabulous, estate home with a waterfall, a view across 5 fairways, Saturnia floors, coffered ceilings and an enormous, flat screen TV.  Sadly, the house had been listed for 2 years without selling but I knew it had plenty of potential so I  devised a plan to show the home at it’s best even though it was empty, dusty and hot (the owner had turned the A/C up to save electricity).

Because there was no furniture and the house was so large when walking through it you had the feeling of walking around in a warehouse, and this was a luxury home not a warehouse.  And all the battery powered smoke detectors were chirping since the batteries had long since died.  This contributed to the feeling of abandonment.

So, I immediately set about fixing the issues.  I replaced all the smoke detector batteries, got the home cleaned (lightly), turned on the waterfall every morning and cracked the sliders so you could hear it in the house, turned the A/C down so the house was cool and put the TV on the Golf Channel.

The house sold in 1 month for a million dollars without a price reduction and the owner was ecstatic!


The townhouses in Marina Gardens overlook peaceful Soverel Harbour in Palm Beach Gardens.  I sold a unit for $1.25 million in less than 2 months after 2 other agents were unsuccessful.  This led to another listing of a luxury, waterfront unit of 3,100 square feet overlooking the yachts.

As I contemplated the listing, it occurred to me that perhaps a person who could afford a large yacht might be interested in a waterfront home too.  Since Soverel Harbour has a few yacht dealers on the perimeter, I took beautiful brochures and display racks to each of  them and the Soverel Harbour harbormaster’s office.

When I asked what they knew about the Marina Gardens units I was surprised to find out they knew nothing and were delighted to have some high end brochures to display.

Sure enough, a yacht owner in the harbormaster’s office asked about the Marina Gardens townhouses and bought my listing for $1.495 million.  The unit was only on the market about 70 days and the price was the second highest ever paid for one of these units.

PS:  I just listed home in Tequesta and put it under contract in 1 day.  The out of town owners asked me what to do to prepare the house, then did it and it sold immediately.

So, if you think it might make sense to have a conversation about getting your home sold quickly and smoothly, contact me directly at 561-762-4073 or