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Selling Your House? Don’t Get Emotional, They’re Just Numbers.

Don’t Attach Feelings to Numbers

In the stock market, one of the oldest and most basic rules is not to get emotional about stocks. In fact, recently on Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary told a guest exactly that. You can’t get emotional about non-emotional subject.

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If you want to get emotional, getting emotional about something that’s warm and fuzzy like family or friends or your pets, but not stocks or the house you want to sell.

When I list houses I tell the owner never to get emotional about the sale process.

The emotional part of their house that made the “house” a “home”  is now gone and it is simply a commodity that we have to move through the marketplace like anything else.

So along with the de-personalization of the house is the fact that we can’t get emotional about numbers we see on the offer when it comes in. I advise that if you look at the contract or offer and see something that you don’t like, rather than getting upset simply smile, draw a line through it, and write something that makes you happy.

There is no need to get emotional, they are just numbers.

However, much of successful selling is psychology by all parties involved.  Sellers are sure they should be getting more and buyers are sure they should be paying less.  And once “feelings” cloud the picture a deal can fall apart even though buyers still want to buy and sellers still want to sell.

Once an imaginary red line gets drawn in the sand, it is hard to break it down and get back to the basics…selling the house!

A friend of mine just had a deal fall apart over a non-issue.  But once the two sides got emotional, he couldn’t keep the deal together.  So, the buyers, who wanted the house, didn’t get it and the sellers, who really wanted to sell, still have a house.

So, when selling or buying, don’t get emotional no matter how excited you are.  Some of my past clients have called me “the voice of reason” since I have helped walk them back from emotional overload and make prudent decisions.

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