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Selling? Why The MLS is Your Most Powerful Tool

Selling your house?  Wonder what the most important tool is you have at your disposal?  Well, it is not some secret marketing strategy that an agent or company promised.  It is the Regional MLS.

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Why?  Here are two reasons.

All real estate websites pull their data from the MLS

Real estate websites, like Zillow and, as well as every agent and company website, pull data from the Regional MLS.  Our local MLS is called “Beaches MLS”.  Every website has the exact same information although some sites are not synced so they can deliver real time data.

This means the way your home is presented in the MLS is the way it will appear on every website.  And most agent websites feed new listings to prospective buyers within minutes.

The takeaway is that the MLS is your best friend and gives you the best opportunity to find buyers.  Need proof?

Many homes sell as soon as they hit the MLS

I thought it might be illustrative to drill down into the MLS and see what the data say.  The results prove my point precisely.  In the last 90 days, 641 homes have sold in Jupiter and Tequesta.  Of this 641, nearly 10% or 62 homes sold in less that 3 days.

This means that the main reason homes sell is the MLS presentation.  3 days is not enough time to hire a photographer, get a yard sign, mail postcards or produce brochures.

I sold a home recently in just 1 day with nothing but proper preparation, proper pricing anda great presentation.

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Richard Sites, Realtor