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Selling? What Does Your Garage Say About You?

When selling your home, it is widely recommended that you de-clutter and de-personalize your home.  Even things like your books can be a distraction when what you really want is for buyers to concentrate on the home. After all, following the home sale the personal items will be gone but the house will remain.

Often times, sellers feel like they have done such a great job decorating their home, or have hired the most expensive designer around, and they want to have their tastes and decor appreciated.

This might be the right thing in certain circumstances, but seldom is this true.  Here’s why.

Books can be a distraction since buyers will want to see what you have been reading.  And a well worn copy of “50 Shades of Gray” may say more about you than you want.

Likewise, even fine art can be a distraction.  I was in a home once that had 3 original Peter Max paintings that we all had to stop and discuss for awhile.  My client did not buy the house.

Another Admirals Cove home listed at near $9 million has an original Chihuly that stops everyone coming in to take a look, admire and discuss it.

I have a gallery of family pictures in my home that I would certainly have to box up and move out if I was selling. You are going to move the stuff anyway, so go ahead and box it up and get it out of the way.

But what does your garage say about you?  Here are my thoughts.

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The condition of your garage, good or bad, like everything else in your home speaks volumes about the personality of the home owner and the care the home has been given.

Now, I have seen sellers take step 1: De-clutter, but then they stored it all in the garage so you couldn’t get into the space.  If you are going to de-clutter call someone like PODS to come get the stuff and keep it for you.  The cost is surprisingly affordable and you are going to pack it up eventually anyway, so do it early.

On the other hand, when you step into a garage like the one pictured above it immediately says this owner is a planner, is thoughtful, is organized and takes care of things.  A garage like this one gives buyers the confidence to move forward with their offer.

There is always fear of the unknown but a garage that looks like this one helps eliminate that unknown element.

If you have a concrete floor, have it pressure cleaned when you have the rest of the house done.  If you have an expensive epoxy floor, so much the better.  I listed and sold a house in The Islands of Jupiter for $2.4 million and the garage not only had an epoxy floor but it was spotless, had chrome tools neatly displayed and four matching  BMW’s inside.  The house sold in less than a month.

So remember, your garage says a lot about you whether you plan it that way or not.

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Richard Sites, Realtor