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Selling? Has Your House Gone Viral?

Today, nearly everyone is connected nearly all the time. “Content” has joined the vernacular.  Pictures alone are not going to get your house sold, but content might help, especially if it goes viral.


Most agents today consider checking Facebook daily the extent of their social media engagement. But the fact is the average Facebook user spends 40 minutes per day on the site so there is valuable “screen time” there during which you, as a seller, could reach them.

That is why Facebook has joined Google in the ad business.  Ads on Facebook allow you, the seller, to have your property displayed to potential buyers that might never otherwise be reached.

If you check other social media sites besides Facebook, you will find that most real estate agents have opened accounts but failed to post any “content” and allow their sites to lie fallow wasting this valuable screen time.

But when used correctly the listing on your house could take on a life of it’s own.  It may not go viral globally like some video of a dancing puppy or a fawn making friends with a bear, but you could certainly spread the message more broadly than using the old-fashioned, current methods like postcards.

Content goes viral through sharing. Social sharing gives your content a whole new audience of folks who just needed a friend, or Facebook ads, to introduce them to your campaign selling your house.

So, when considering selling, ask prospective agents what social media they are using, and how they are using it, to sell houses.  The answer may surprise you.  Remember, hope is not an effective selling strategy, you must take action.

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