Selling your house?  Are you using the same techniques that large national builders use to sell homes quickly like staging and photography?  If not, this could be hindering your sale.  If your house in North Palm Beach County has been on the market more than a month without an offer, you’ve got a problem.

trump real estate

Photo courtesy of Trump International Realty

Even in popular communities like Abacoa, if you are not doing what the pros are doing you are making a mistake.

One thing all major home builders like Trump, Toll Brothers, Lennar and Kolter have in common is that they use professional photographers.

Imagine how silly it would be for Toll Brothers to construct a new, estate home and then ask the first salesperson that comes along offers to take pictures of it with their iPhone.  Yet, you see phone photos all the time in the MLS.

In fact, if you are interviewing agents to sell your house, you might ask the name of their photographer and to see some examples of their work.  If they are not using a pro, cull the agent from your short list…now.

Do you think Donald Trump sent Ivanka to Washington with her iPhone to take pictures of his new hotel?  Of course not.  Look at the picture above and then consider if your home is being presented to buyers with the same careful attention to the photography as Trump gives to his projects.

The Good Thing

The good thing about selling a house is you do not have to reinvent the wheel.  The pros have already shown you what to do and are offering their expertise for free.

Just head out to any of the new homes for sale in our area and study how the pros do it.  And be sure to bring home one of their fancy brochures.

What If My House is Listed And Doesn’t Have Professional Photos

I would suggest you have a frank sit down discussion with your agent.  If you are happy with all other phases of their job performance, keep them and just insist that they hire a professional today.

If they will not do this, you might consider whether or not your best interests are being served using iPhone pictures.

The Takeaway:

If your house has been on the market longer than 30-45 days without an offer something is wrong and it is time to figure out what it is and fix it.  Our traditional “season” starts next week and our real estate market will be at it’s peak of activity.

If you need assistance, call me today at 561.762.4073.  I have been helping sellers move forward with their plans by getting their houses sold quickly and smoothly for 13 years.  Remember:  Hope is not an effective selling strategy!

Question: Do you think professional photography is necessary or not?

Richard Sites, Realtor