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Selling? Answering machines, email, text messages and social media

Selling your house?  Are you using the latest techniques used by companies like GM, Obama, Burberry and Trump? Probably not.

Twitter for real estate

As the years go by, new things come along that some are quick to adopt and others balk at for years.  For example, remember answering machines?

When they first came out, everyone hated them.  I even knew of someone whose message said, “I hate these machines as much as you, but they serve a useful purpose”.

Then email came along and people mostly ignored it but today billions are sent every day.

When texting came along, the young were quick to adopt it although it took adults longer.  Most of the parents I know now say it is the only way to communicate with their kids.

I am not a fan of texting since it reduces communication to its lowest form, words only, and omits tonality where the true meaning hides.  Texting is really nothing more than a telegram, which went out of date with the invention of the telephone.

Now, we have social media and the same thing is happening.  Even though many snub the idea of social media the fact is the use of these tools is growing exponentially and most of the big players are already on board.  Let’s take a look at some users of Twitter and their followers.

Obama and Trump each have nearly 10 million followers, Clinton has about 7.5 million.  Burberry, one of the largest users of social media has 6.8 million followers and GM has over 500,000.

These folks are not spending time and money on Twitter because it does not pay off (ROI).  Now, I know they have staffs tweeting for them, but they are still devoting tremendous resources to the medium and feeding commentary to their staff.

So how about real estate companies?  Well, Corcoran, a very forward thinking company, has 27,000 followers yet our largest, locally owned real estate company has only 229.  Not thousand, just 229.

What does this say about the state of their thinking?

One of the most innovative real estate companies in the country, Good Life Realty in Austin, has over 5,500 followers.

Social media, with proper use, can quickly expand the scope of your real estate offering when selling.  How much exposure does your house have in the world of social media?  You might want to check into this important aspect of selling in today’s digital world with your agent or any prospective agent you might be thinking of hiring.

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Richard Sites, Realtor