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Selling? What do Trump, Obama and GM know that you don’t?

In 2008, Obama was elected due largely to his ability to connect with voters using social media and email.  Last year, Trump was elected using the same techniques.

Twitter for real estate

Do they know something you don’t or is there something we could learn from them about successfully selling?

Let’s talk about it.

I write frequently on social media and it’s use, or lack thereof, in real estate.  What do Obama, Trump, Clinton, GM and Burberry know that you can learn from?

They are all using active social media campaigns, primarily Twitter, to spread their message.

Let’s look at some of the numbers of followers they have at the time of this writing in summer of 2016:

Obama: 9.8 million

Burberry: 6.8 million

Trump: 9.8 million

H. Clinton: 7.45 million

GM: 523,000

When you look at real estate however, you find a different story.

Corcoran, a very large NY firm with one of the most progressive online campaigns, has 27,000 Twitter followers.  Barbara Corcoran has 651,000 Twitter followers.

But when you look locally, the largest locally owned firm (at least it was at the time of this writing but has since sold) only had 229.

Yes, 229.

In fact, Twitter has become Trump’s default communication tool and the evening news usually reports what he “tweeted” that day.  They show his Twitter screen as “news”.

One local radio station has a morning segment called “Tracking Trump” where they read all his tweets from the day before.

The Take Away

Social media is here to stay and the sooner you get involved, or your agent gets involved, the better your chances of selling.  Selling is all about exposure and I once had a couple contact me from Switzerland because they found me on Twitter.  They were looking at homes in the $2 million price range.

Barbara Corcoran can reach 651,000 people in seconds for free.  A postcard mailing to that many people would cost probably close to a couple hundred thousand dollars and require hours of administration to prepare it.

When selling, take a lesson from those individuals and corporations that have unlimited dollars to spend and have hired professional marketing companies to help them reach their audience.

Go tweet.

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Richard Sites, Realtor