Jupiter, Florida is a waterfront town.  The amazing amount of water in and around Jupiter defines the living spaces. We have oceanfront, riverfront, canals and the Intracoastal Waterway. But to the boating crowd, one thing separates them into two camps.  That one thing is called a Fixed Bridge.

JIB Club Marina

The Fixed Bridge Problem

So, what difference can 27 feet make?  27 feet is the height of the Alternate A-1-A bridge, a fixed bridge, which separates homes on the Loxahatchee River from the ocean.

This means you cannot pass under the bridge at high tide if you boat is taller than 27 feet.  If you are close to the 27 foot mark you might be able to pass under at low tide, which occurs every 6 hours, but do you want to be confined to this window of opportunity?

So if you are considering Loxahatchee River homes for sale and want to own a large boat, this is an important consideration.

So What is the Solution?

Well, there are 3 solutions:

1. Buy a riverfront home but keep your boat’s height lower than 27 feet.

2. Buy a riverfront home and a large boat but keep it on the other side of the bridge at a marina like the JIB Club Marina or at the Square Grouper.

3. Don’t buy a riverfront home but instead buy one in Sawfish Bay Colony, Admirals Cove or along the Intracoastal Waterway.

But it is not quite that simple.  You see, in Admirals Cove there are some fixed bridges too.  So you would want to be careful looking at homes for sale in Admirals Cove because you could find yourself with the same problem.

Now, a new riverfront listing came on the market today at $14.2 million or over $1,300 per square foot.  Whoever buys this house, at whatever the final price is, certainly has the means to buy a sport fishing boat or yacht.  But they will not be able to keep it behind their house if it exceeds 27 feet in height.

So this is an interesting situation.  Your choice of boat is limited by a bridge not your ability to buy it.

If you are looking at waterfront homes in this area, unlike most agents I have lived here 25 years and know the market inside and out. Let me show you the best locations and some great opportunities along the river before they are gone.  Contact me directly at 561.762.4073 for personal service.

Richard Sites, Realtor