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Real Estate Photography: ALWAYS Use a Professional

Real estate photography is easily one of the most overlooked and underestimated aspects of selling a home.  The iPhone and other high end phones have made everyone think they are a pro photographer.

I once saw Annie Leibovitz, perhaps one of the most famous contemporary photographers, on the Today show. When asked what camera she would recommend she said an iPhone. But…

Real estate photography

A real estate agent is not a professional photographer is an agent Annie Leibovitz.  And since photos are a mission critical part of selling a home, this part is best left to the pros.

The Internet

Let’s face facts:  Nearly everyone starts their search for a home on the Internet.  At one time, a picture was worth a thousand words.  Now, the number is probably 5 times that or more.

There’s another saying: “What the eye admires, the heart desires”.  This is what “curb appeal” is all about.  Except that today curb appeal is happening on an iPad or a phone or a computer screen.

So if you are going to all the trouble to properly prepare your home for sale, don’t short change yourself or let your agent short change your chances at selling.  Taking picture with your phone is being penny wise and pound foolish.

And if you didn’t choose a listing agent who is using professional photography, choose another.

HDR & Clearview

High Dynamic Range and Clearview shots are designed to compensate for differences in lighting.  For example, if you want a shot of the interior of a home looking out across a bright pool, you have to use one of these styles to capture it all.  A phone, or even a fairly good camera, just can’t do it.

This combining of different exposures is done in the processing lab after the photo shoot.

Aerials: The Future of real estate photography

Drones are in the news constantly from Amazon delivering packages with them to nosy kids flying them around in neighborhoods to the FAA trying to get them all registered.

But, they are critical to the success of home selling.  Nothing captures the true spirit of the house and it’s location like aerial photography.

I used aerials recently to show the location of my listing on the golf course.  The house had 7 showings, 2 offers and went under contract the first day.

And if you didn’t choose a listing agent who is using aerial photography, choose another.

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Richard Sites, Realtor