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Ranch Colony: Another 50 acre parcel comes on the market

Ranch Colony offers a unique lifestyle to say the least.  And now another 50 acre combined parcel has come on the market.

This new one is two parcels: 20 acres and 30 acres, and the adjacent 50 acre parcel is also for sale.

At the list price of just under $8 million, this works out to $1000 per foot.

Ranch Colony homes

You wouldn’t necessarily buy a home in Ranch Colony because you were looking for a great deal.  You would buy a home in here because you want land, lots of it, privacy, security and freedom.

Much like Jupiter Farms, people move to Ranch Colony because they like the individual lifestyle they can have inside any of the neighborhoods.

Each of the 5 communities in Ranch Colony has it’s own appeal ranging from 50 acre spreads to those homes in Tailwinds with their own airstrip and private hangers.

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