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Ranch Colony Homes for Sale: 50 acre parcel expires @ $6.75 million

Ranch Colony is a complex of 5 communities just west of the Town of Jupiter.  One of these communities is Ranch Estates where sprawling compounds sit peacefully behind imposing, iron gates.

Ranch Colony Homes for Sale


One of the largest properties, a 50 acre spread, just expired in the MLS without selling.  It had been listed at $6.75 million.

Entering Ranch Colony is like finding a hidden gem and Ranch Estates is the centerpiece of this hidden gem.  With few HOA restrictions, homeowners have the freedom to do as they please and keep animals.  In fact, stables are a staple of life within Ranch Estates and homes have agricultural exemptions which lowers there taxes.

Homes in Ranch Colony are in Martin County so if you are a family moving here, be sure and understand how this might affect your school age children.

Homes sell slowly in this price range no matter how luxurious the amenities therein or the home itself.  The largest home on the market in this area right now is located in Ranch Estates.  It is another 50 acre parcel with private lake and airstrip and is priced at $22 million.  And with all these features to offer residents, Ranch Colony is still only about a 20 minute drive from our famous beach.

If you are looking at homes for sale in Jupiter, let me show you the best ones to meet your lifestyle.  Unlike most agents, I have lived here 25 years and know the market inside and out.

Richard Sites