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RANCH COLONY: Five Communities West of Jupiter

Ranch Colony is probably one of the most overlooked gems along the SE Florida coast.  Located just a short drive west of the Town of Jupiter, once past the manned guardhouse you will find 5 very distinct communities including those with a private air strip, golf course homes and sprawling compounds with 20 acres or more.

In fact, the most expensive home currently on the market has 50 acres and is listed for $22,900,000.  Here’s a short video I made while driving through Ranch Colony.

You can find other spots in South Florida that offer properties this size but what makes Ranch Colony so special is that it is just a 15 minute ride to the beach.  I dare say there is not another location anywhere in SE Florida with the combination of the two.

And since I grew up in South Florida I know the entire coastal Florida area very well.

So here’s the quick breakdown of the five communities:

  1. Ranch Acres: Homes on mostly 5 acre sites on one large circular road.
  2. Ranch Estates:  Massive compounds up to 50 acres.
  3. Tailwinds: Homes built around their own private air strip.
  4. Old Trail: Country Club estate homes on 1 acre sites and part of Jonathan’s Landing.
  5. The Colony: Golf course homes built around the Dye Preserve.

If you are looking for a truly unusual lifestyle and Ranch Colony interests you, use the contact form below or call me directly at 561-762-4073.  Unlike most agents, I have lived here 25 years and know the market inside and out.

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Richard Sites