BUILD A POOL OR BUY A POOL, YOU DECIDE - Coastal Florida Real Estate


Few things typify the South Florida lifestyle better than a sparkling pool.  And few things look more inviting during the hot summer months than a sparkling pool.  Should you build a pool or buy one?

Build a pool

So, should you build a pool or buy a home that already has one?  Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Build Your Own Pool

Here are a couple of the advantages to building your own pool.

  • You can pick your own design whether it is a standard 15′ X 30′ rectangular pool or a more extravagant one with a waterfall and other design upgrades.
  • Pick your own budget.  Pools typically are not the big cost when constructing a pool/patio.  It is the decking and screen enclosure that drives the cost up.
  • Choose between chlorine and salt water purification.  Almost all older pools will have chlorine systems.

Buy a Home With a Pool

  • The biggest advantage to buying a house with a pool is that you will only pay about .50 on the dollar for that pool.  If you build your own, you will pay 100% of the cost.
  • While it might be nice to design a custom pool, most pools are the standard, rectangular designs and they work just fine when the temperature gets high during the summer.

Other considerations

If you live in a community where there is a community pool, like many in Jonathan’s Landing or Abacoa, you might skip this altogether and just use the one provided at the clubhouse.  If there is a community pool, your HOA fee will include maintaining the pool so if you are paying for it why not get some use out of it.

And when repairs are needed, the community shares the cost.

Community pools can also be huge.  The one pictured above is in Admirals Cove.

Another issue is the cost of patio furniture.  At the community pool, there will be a wide selection of chairs and tables with umbrellas to host and unlimited number of people.

The downside, of course, is that you have to share the community pool with the neighbors.  Of course, a big pool like the one above has plenty of space and might also make for good socializing or people watching.

So, whether you build a pool or buy a pool there are pros and cons for each choice.

If you are looking at Jupiter homes for sale with pools, here are some quick links below to help you.