During my 13 years in local real estate I have helped many homeowners sell and move forward with their plans, often after they had unsuccessful experiences trying to sell with other agents.  In fact, my first month in the business I sold a home for $1 million that had been listed for 2 years with other experienced agents.

I came to the conclusion that the difference between selling and not is usually just a 1% improvement in your value proposition to buyers.  So what does this have to do with your pool?  Let me explain.

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In sunny, South Florida a pool home is an attractive item.  In fact, a pool home, at any price point, is a great feature for a family with young members.  I have seen pools added to very modest homes and others in communities like Admirals Cove where elaborate water features, including waterfalls and slides, define the space, all with the same appeal.  They provide a refreshing respite from the Florida heat and there is something alluring about a sparkling pool.

On the other hand, a less than pristine pool can be a real problem when selling.  I wrote yesterday about putting a house under contract in 1 day and part of our success came from what a local pool company did to improve the appearance of the pool.  Take a look at the picture above.

No matter what price point your home is at, a very clean, de-cluttered house is paramount when trying to sell.  And few things convey cleanliness and attention to maintenance like a shimmering pool.

In addition to the home mentioned above, I sold an older, ranch style home to another young family as soon as they saw the pool.  The house was actually a foreclosure and needed work, but with a sparkling pool inviting the kids to jump in, they had to have the house.

The Take Away

A pool, when properly maintained and presented, can be one of the biggest tools to help your house.

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