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Pictures: The #1 Most Important Thing When Selling

My dad used to have a saying, “The heart desires what the eye admires”.  In the “old days” it was called “curb appeal”.

But today, when nearly 90% of buyers start their search on the Internet, pictures have replaced curb appeal to some degree.  Nothing will replace the feeling buyers get when they arrive to first inspect your home, but imagine what is happening long before they arrive at your home.

Example of poor pictur taking (3)

First, they have to decide they even want to see your house.  And that occurs when they first see your photos.  Do I need to say you never have a second chance to make a first impression?

So, imagine some anonymous buyers looking for a home in your area and price range.  After the kids go to bed, they gather over a cup of decaf and start the process of searching…again.

I have posted many times that you should be searching for the right agent first and then let them find the right house.  But, buyers still enjoy searching even though all the websites have the same information.  So the most important thing to buyers is the collection of pictures.  And why, with the incredible displays available today on laptops and mobile devices, would you use anything less than the highest quality pictures?

Now, I know iPhones and Galaxy phones and tablets take incredible shots.  But nothing can replace the use of a professional photographer, especially ones with track records of real estate photography, including aerials and videos.

Below is a photograph published in the MLS of a $550,00 oceanfront condo listed for sale.  Does this picture do justice to the unit and make buyers want to see it?

Jupiter condos for sale

Or how about this one of the same unit?  I suspect these were taken with a phone camera in low light.

Jupiter condos for sale

The question is this:  Is your agent doing everything possible to make your home stand out in an increasingly noisy world?  Maybe yes, maybe no.  By the way, the unit pictured above was just reduced $50,000 because it has not sold.

Michael Hyatt has written a best selling book on getting noticed in a noisy world.  And with 838 homes for sale in Jupiter and Tequesta, this is a noisy, real estate world. So, if you are trying to sell, or thinking of selling, make sure professional photography is used to get your property noticed.  If you are interviewing agents, ask them to show you examples of the photography used in their other listings.

If you are thinking of selling in the Jupiter area, let’s have a conversation about getting your house sold quickly and smoothly.  I have helped many sellers move forward with their plans during my 12 years in the local real estate market and I can do the same for you.  Contact me directly at 561-762-4073 or use the form below.

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