Past Sales - Coastal Florida Real Estate

Past Sales

Here are a few examples where I have helped sellers move forward with their life plans by selling their houses.

Palm Beach homes for sale

This is where I started my real estate career.  The home had been listed for 2 years with other agents without success.  The sellers had moved to the Loxahatchee River, and wanted to sell this home.  I made a 1% improvement in the value proposition to buyers and sold the house in 1 month for $1 million without a price reduction.


Palm Beach Homes for Sale

This house, also in IBIS, had been listed with 2 other agents during the past year.  I again made just a 1% improvement in the way the home was presented to buyers and sold it in 8 days for $692,000.


Marina Gardens townhouses

This luxury townhouse was listed for 2 years without selling.  I sold it in 65 days for $1.25 million.


Marina Gardens townhouses

The sale above led to another listing in Marina Gardens.  I used an extremely creative method to locate the buyer of this waterfront property and sold it in 71 days for $1,375,000 handling both buyer and seller in the transaction.


Islands of Jupiter homes for sale

This New York seller found me on You Tube.  We listed and sold this house for $2.4 million in about a month.


North Fork homes for sale

I sold this house in North Fork, complete with tennis court, for $650,000 in just 30 days.


Mirasol homes for sale

I sold this home in Mirabella for a couple that had been transferred for $845,000 in just a month.


Tequesta homes for sale

I spent 2 months getting this Tequesta house ready for the market and it sold before noon the first day it was listed for $430,000.  I handled both buyer and seller in this transaction.


North Fork homes for sale

I found this home in North Fork for a family who loved the tennis courts.  We purchased it and later sold it.


Divosta homes

I sold this DiVosta home in Oaks East, Palm Beach Gardens, for nearly $400,000 in just 2 days.  They also bought another home and closed the same day.  I represented them as buyer and seller on the same day.


This home in Palm Beach Country Estates had been listed with 2 other agents without success. I sold it in less than 2 months for $600,000 in a cash transaction.


Egret Landing homes for sale

This house in Egret Landing, Jupiter had been listed for nearly 2 years.  I got it sold to a young family moving into our area for $575,000.


Loxahatchee River homes

I normally don’t handle rentals, but this family needed help.  I rented their Loxahatchee River home for them in just 1 day.


Valencia homes for sale

I sold this Abacoa home in Valencia for $940,000.  It was the residence of a custom home builder who moved to Jonathan’s Landing.


Jupiter Farms homes for sale

I sold this home in the Trailwood section of Jupiter Farms for a family that really needed to relocate after it had been unsuccessfully listed with 2 other agents.


Paseos homes for sale

I sold this home in Paseos for a northern investor for $350,000.  His group later sold 2 more homes in Paseos with me.


Jonathan's Landing homes for sale

I helped a couple move onto the 10th floor of Southporte in Jonathan’s Landing with spectacular views of the waterfront and golf course.  They came to me thinking they might want to downsize and were considering a condo.  I knew of this unit with such an incredible view so I set up a showing at the right time of day and it was the only unit they ever looked at.  It pays to know the inventory!