Palms are a part of the South Florida lifestyle.  Palms, more than any other plant, typify the tropical setting.  I have several varieties growing in my yard including 3 towering coconut palms loaded with coconuts.


Palms, since they are tropical trees, also survive hurricanes better than most trees.  Other native trees, like live oaks, survive hurricanes well, especially if they have been trimmed some to thin them out.

I love palms, but not everyone sees it the same as I do.

Recently, I was showing homes in the million dollar range to a couple in Boynton Beach, south of Jupiter.  I was shocked when the home owner, who was showing us the home (which is strictly verboten when selling), told us the community does not allow palms!

WHAT?  This is Florida!

Part of the reason people don’t like Homeowner’s Associations (HOA) is that these association board members can dictate what you can do if you live there, when you can do it and how often you can do it.

And they can prohibit the planting of anything they choose.

This is part of the appeal in places like Jupiter Farms where there is no HOA so you can do as your please.

And you can plant palms if you want.

I live in Jupiter Farms, partly because there is no HOA and partly because I have 1.5 acres yet am still only 15 minutes from our fabulous beach.  And because I can plant palms if I want.  BTW- All my palms were raised from coconuts I brought home from other places.

The shot below is of a live oak growing in my yard in Jupiter Farms with Spanish Moss hanging from the branches.

jupiter farms

Unfortunately, in today’s environment it is hard to find any homes not governed by an HOA or COA.

If you would like some help finding the right home free of HOA restrictions, you can contact me using the form below.  Also visit my You Tube Channel where there are over 400 videos on the Coastal Florida real estate market and lifestyle.

Richard Sites, Realtor