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One of the Easiest Mistakes You Can Make When Buying a Home

The Internet of Things.  This is the hottest buzz phrase in use today.  While it might be cool to have your home thermostat connected to your cell phone through the internet, there are plenty of pitfalls to using the internet.

Once I sold a home where the tech savvy owner had installed a Nest thermostat which he controlled from his iPhone. Unfortunately, the new owner was not familiar with it and he had to have the previous owner come change the settings for him.

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So, how does this come into play when buying a house?

Simple.  When you depend on the major commercial real estate sites for your information instead of an agent, you are making a huge mistake.  Here’s why.

First the data can simply be wrong.  I have seen this multiple times first hand and have received and placed calls on properties that had sold months before when we used information from the big, commercial sites.

Second, online estimates of value are horrible and can change minute by minute.  I have also witnessed this first hand.  And if you are a seller, do not approximate your home’s value based on what you see on the internet.  Do you believe the other stuff you see online?

So what is the solution?

Find the right real estate agent and, together with that person, use the sites that are connected directly to the MLS data.  As I have written before, everyone has the data, what you need is the information or to have that data interpreted for you.

That is the job of the professional real estate agent.

So spend you time researching agents, not houses, and you can keep from making these simple mistakes.

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Richard Sites, Realtor