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Memorial Day in Jupiter, Florida; remembrance and boating

Memorial Day in Jupiter means time to remember those that gave it all so that we may live in freedom.  Each year, Riverside Memorial Park holds an honor ceremony at the cemetery on  County Line Road, usually around 11 am. The event is well attended so if you plan to attend, go early and bring a chair and some water.  Memorial Day is not about the Indy 500 and burgers on the grill, although that is a part of it, it’s about paying tribute to those who have sacrificed for us.

But in Jupiter, this weekend also means the ocean.  And the ocean and beaches are a part of everything we do here. The picture below was taken from the US 1 bridge on Memorial Day, 2009 and the boat traffic has done nothing but get heavier since then.  So plan ahead for the day.

Memorial Day boat traffic on the Jupiter Inlet

If you are planning to launch your boat, you will probably use the Burt Reynolds Park boat ramp on US 1.  Again, go early and don’t forget you now need a parking decal to leave your trailer there.  You can buy an annual one or go online and buy one for the day.

Not boating?  Forget about Dubois Park.  There are folks camped out before dawn waiting for the park to open and the lot will be full 15 minutes after the gate opens.  What are some other choices?

You could head up on Jupiter Island to Coral Cove, an ocean side park with good snorkeling. Or park across the street and swim in the shallow waters of the Intracoastal…if you can get a parking spot.

Your best bet is probably Carlin Park, located where Indiantown Road meets the ocean.  There is plenty of parking, covered pavilions, a swimming area with lifeguards, showers, restrooms and food for sale.

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Richard Sites

Richard Sites