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“Med is Dead”

Now this is an interesting phrase but it really sums up what has happened in architecture over the past few years here in Palm Beach County.  It was coined by the owner of a upper end interior design firm.

During the real estate boom of the early 2000’s, the architectural style here was described as either “Tuscany Inspired” or “Mediterranean Inspired”.  Homes built during this period reflected this and the higher the price of the home, the more lavish the detailing.

Communities like Mirasol are a prime example of this style.  But now things have moved away from this style.

We now have what is being called the “West Indies” look and the new home in Admirals Cove pictured above is an example of this.

Gone is the heavy ornamentation and dark colors.  They have been replaced by very light colors, crisp lines and detailed woodwork.

The home above, with room for an 85 foot yacht behind the home, is the most expensive listing in Admirals Cove at just under $9 million.

west indies architecture

Inside, the fixtures also echo this feeling of light not heavy decor.  Take a look at one of the sinks.

west indies architecture

Here’s another example of this West Indies style.  It was the private residence of a custom home builder.

Islands of Jupiter

Here’s another example.  This house is on the south tip of Hypoluxo Island and is priced at $10 million.

Luxury homes in Palm Beach

Here’s another example.  This home was owned by Lee Westwood and went on the market near $11 million.

Old Palm Golf Club

So what do you do if you have one of these Med inspired homes?  I talked to a professional decorator who advised that with the proper changes these homes could actually be converted to a French country look.  This change might help you sell unless your home is located on a very special lot along the Loxahatchee river.  Then the location alone may be enough to find a buyer.

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Richard Sites, Realtor