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Loxahatchee riverfront homes: 2 new listings this week

The serene estates located along the Loxahatchee River in Jupiter and Tequesta offer unparalleled waterfront living. The usual difference in locations and prices centers around the river views.

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River views are usually either considered “long or wide” or “short”.  And while all the homes provide ocean access, it is usually the view that makes the difference in the price.  I recently sold a home for $2.4 million that was a magnificent residence, but when showing to prospective buyers we often heard that the “short view” was an issue.

Two new homes came on the market this week, one priced at $1.6 million and the other near $ 2.5 million.

The lower priced home is located in The Islands of Jupiter along the Tequesta border on our north side.  The home is located behind security gates on a small, waterfront lot.  The drawback here is that there is a fixed bridge between you and the ocean and the width of the canal behind the house would limit the size of your boat.

The other house is not limited by either of these two items.  Located along the wide portion of the river in Tequesta Country Club on River Drive the dockage would accommodate nearly any size boat and while the Alt. A1A bridge is fixed, all but the largest sport fishing boats could pass under it.  If you have a boat over about 45 feet you should be thinking about a home in Yacht Club Estates or along the Intracoastal.

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