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Loxahatchee River Homes-The little things are ALWAYS the most important

In my real estate career, one thing I have learned is the smallest details are ALWAYS, not sometimes, the most important.  And the smaller they are the MORE important they become.  Think back to a first date.

During the “get acquainted” phase you, and your date, are checking all the little things to see if this relationship might work out. The smallest detail can sometimes derail the relationship, or turn into an annoying habit if things go on a little longer.

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It’s no different in real estate.

Immediately after a house has a contract in the works, both buyers and sellers want to get a little more out of the deal.  If they are sellers, they think they didn’t get quite enough for the property.  Buyers, on the other hand, think they may have paid just a little too much. So if either party could get just a little more out of the deal it would help.

Now, this is where the little things come into play. Even though they may have casually raised or lowered prices by $20, $30 or $40,000 to make the deal happen, a small, attached light or something seemingly irrelevant suddenly is critical.  Often, the real estate agent will smooth the waters by offering to pay for this little thing out of their own pocket.

When selling, these little details are just as important.  I walked into an $700,000 open house one time, where the agent was glued to their phone, and found a dead roach in the middle of a sparkling, white tub.  The shock value of the dead bug is much greater than it’s size would dictate, but it is always the little things.

I was once in a hotel when a guest came to the front desk to complain they had found a hair in their bed.  It is always the little things.

If you are selling and not currently living in the house, it is important to have a cleaning service go through the house about once a month and just check for bugs in the corners of the floor and on window sills.  Somehow bugs get into houses…and die.  When I have a listing where nobody is currently in residence, I always make it a point to check for dead critters frequently.

And we are all familiar with the trick of baking cookies during an open house to add aroma to the house.  In fact, one local agent advertises every week in the paper that he will be offering his “famous cookies” at the open house.  It is always the little things.

And don’t overlook the little details at the front door.  While the real estate agent is opening the door, buyers have time to look 360 degrees and up & down.  So anything amiss here could turn them off before they even enter the property.

I was once at an open house priced just under $1 million where a bird had flown into the glass door, died, and was lying right next to the front door.  The agent was already inside and I wondered how they could have missed this detail.  Oh yeah, the house had been on the market for quite some time.  Any connection here?

If you have been thinking of selling or trying to sell without success maybe we should have a conversation.  I sold a home for $1 million my first month in the business after it was listed for 2 years with other agents by simply improving the value proposition to buyers by 1%. Simply restated, I fixed the little things. Use the contact form below or call me directly at 561-762-4073.

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