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Loxahatchee River Homes: Riverside Drive home sells for $1.2 million

Along the Loxahatchee River there are a couple of small peninsulas that jut out into the river.  A home on one of these near the inlet just sold for $ 1.2 million.  Here’s the location.

Loxahatchee river homes for sale

The home was an original, Florida ranch home which had been upgraded.  Although still a very stylish home, because of the size of the lot and location it will probably be replaced by a huge custom home.

Because the house is small, 1,907 square feet, the sale price of $629.26 seems high.  The protected location was owned by the parents of a local and well known fishing guide who kept his boat docked here.  His clients out for a day of fishing were only minutes away from the ocean.

What is interesting is that the home was only on the market 8 days.  The market for river houses close to the $1 million dollar mark is so hot they get scooped up almost immediately.

If you live along the river and have thought about selling this might be the perfect time to move forward with your plans.  If you think it makes sense to have a conversation about selling, contact me directly at 561-762-4073.

If you are buying, use this link to see all river homes for sale over $1 million.

Richard Sites, Realtor