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Loxahatchee River Home-$2.7 Million Price Increase in Less Than a Year

A massive, Mediterranean estate home on the Loxahatchee River is now back in play.  The home, built by an English family named Lawley, languished on the market as it’s sale price bounced around the $4.5-$5.9 million dollar mark. The ups and downs of the local, luxury market had it’s effect on large properties as well as small ones.

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It sold less than a year ago for near $5.2 million and is now back on the market at $7,995,000.

The home has commanding views of the river but stylistically it lacks the imagination seen in today’s luxury, waterfront homes.  The current architectural style has moved away from the heavy lines and features popular a few years ago into cleaner lines called the West Indies style which is seen more and more on new and usually custom homes.

You will find sharper corners and a distinctly lighter feel not the heavy, ornate design typified by the “Tuscany inspired” look made popular in communities like Mirasol and Old Palm.

All the new luxury homes going up in Admirals Cove or along the Loxahatchee River feature this newer style.

This home has 9,600 square feet with 8 bedrooms and 9 1/2 baths.  Total footage is 13,217.  It also has a guest house with 1,162 square feet.

The real value is in the location and the lot size.  This section of Loxahatchaee river homes for sale has very large lot sizes since it was platted out years ago when land was not so valuable as it is today and, of course, the wide river view.

The lot is over 1.5 acres and as you can see from the picture below the view is spectacular.  The property sold 20 years ago for just $745,000.

Loxahatchee river homes for sale

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