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Listing your Jupiter home for sale is the easy part

Selling your Jupiter home quickly and smoothly is an interesting process since it is equally about the psychology of selling and the price.

Now most people would tell you there are 5 parts to selling your house.  But listing the home is the easy part.  It is the “after contract” part of the transaction where the skill of the agent comes into play.

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After a deal is made, buyers feel they have paid too much and sellers think they didn’t get enough for the house.  If fact, they often ask if they sold it too cheaply.  So now the process of getting “just a little more” out of the deal starts.

When negotiating the price, people throw figures in the thousands around casually.  But when it comes to a couple hundred dollars it is a different matter.  This is where they want to tip the scales in their favor…even if just a little bit.

So, in the course of selling, listing is the easy part.  It is keeping the deal together afterward that is the hard part or at least the part that requires patience, hand holding and skill at navigating through the little details.  This is why choosing the right agent is the most important part of the sale.

You want somebody with the above characteristics who can chart a course for you that will allow you to avoid the legal and emotional landmines that can cause so much stress.  Hey, you’ve done the hard part, that is deciding to sell, now just get over these little bumps in the road and you will be home free…literally.

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