Jupiter real estate is red hot again.  In fact, there are some curious things about the state of the market. One thing is certain though, homes are selling quickly, some very quickly!

Selling Your House

Let’s take a look at the Jupiter/Tequesta real estate market.

Jupiter Real Estate

Right now, there are 877 homes for sale in Jupiter and Tequesta.  173 of these are priced over $1 million.

In the last 30 days, 185 homes have sold with a median time on the market of just 37 days. So, if you are selling your Jupiter/Tequesta home, this will give you a little insight into the time your home should be on the market.

In some cases though, homes only last a few days or even less.  54 of these sales in the last month took less than 2 weeks.  And 24 houses sold in less than 5 days.

Now, the common notion is that homes that sell quickly, or very quickly, are under priced.  In the vast majority of cases, this simply is not true.  Homes that sell quickly are properly priced.  The last 2 homes I listed sold the first day they were on the market.

The Country Club “Inside Market”

I’ve been around our country clubs for a long time.  In fact, when I owned my business I worked exclusively in Admirals Cove for years.  These country clubs can become very self contained and people move around within them.

And with the kind of lifestyle these luxury residents have, they sometimes move around just because they want to, not because they need to move.

Yesterday, I was talking to an agent who works in Jonathan’s Landing where, at one time, I was on on-site agent for Jonathan’s Landing Realty.

She told me she listed a house in Jonathan’s at 2:30 and it was under contract by 4:00.  To quote her, “People just want JL”.

Jonathan’s Landing is one of the most introspective real estate markets around and once inside the gates, residents tend to stay there and attract their friends from up north to the community.

How did that sale happen so quickly?

Her office maintains a database of all JL resident’s email addresses.  Once the listing is signed, an email blast is sent out so everyone INSIDE the community knows about it before it goes public.  Once the news about the new listing hit, someone already knew they wanted to live in the house or had a friend waiting for one to appear on the market.

The Takeaway

The Jupiter real estate market is hot, red hot.  The proof is that all the big builders: DiVosta, Pulte, CalAtlantic, Lennar, Kolter and Horton are building on every available piece of land.  You can learn more by visiting my New Homes page.

The trouble is new home prices in Jupiter start in the mid-$500,000’s.  So, if you are selling a home priced below this you should expect it to sell nearly immediately.

If you are selling and not getting the results you need, maybe we should have a conversation.  You can reach me directly at 561.762.4073 or use the form below.  I started my real estate career by selling a home in just  1 month for $1 million and have consistently helped sellers move forward with their plans for 13 years.

Richard Sites, Realtor