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Jupiter Farms: New Homes and Fresh Eggs

Jupiter Farms means different things to different people.  Some folks love the freedom found in the 16 square mile area.  Others like the freedom of no HOA restrictions.  Still others like the freedom of keeping different pets.

Now, the face of the Farms is widening to include estate homes going up on the site of the former Reynolds Ranch.

Jupiter Farms homes for sale

The backyard chicken craze is on display here with more and more small flocks being spotted around the Farms. Other flocks, while not seen, can be identified by their rooster’s crowing, usually early in the morning but during the day too when another nearby rooster gets things going.

Actually, space to build a new home is very limited in Jupiter Farms.  Many of the lots have been purchased by builders and as fast as they get a home up it is sold. Most of these lots require wetland mitigation before construction can take place which can run into several thousand dollars.

So, it is no surprise that such a large parcel of land as the Reynolds Ranch would be in high demand.  And these new estate homes start in the mid $800’s.

Right now, there are 69 homes for sale in Jupiter Farms priced from $260,000 to $3.25 million.  This is not including Ranch Colony and Jupiter Country Club.

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