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Jupiter Beach: Perfect on summer evenings

Since I grew up in Southeast Florida and have lived in Jupiter for 25 years, the beach and ocean have always been a part of my life.  And Jupiter is famous for it’s wide, clean and free beach.   Best of all, it is dog friendly.

Now, my days of spending summer in the hot, Florida sun are behind me.  But since the beach is just an easy, 15 minute drive from my house we go often late in the evenings.  And we always bring the family dog.

We were over there twice recently and I took these shots.

Jupiter Beach

This shot was taken near the Jupiter Reef Club.  The sky looked like it was on fire as our summer clouds can be very dramatic.

The shot below was taken the following day as Tropical Storm Colin brought storm clouds our way.

Jupiter Beach

Jupiter life is centered around the ocean, the beach and the river.  The good news is there is still a spot for you here! To help you find the perfect waterfront property to meet your lifestyle, contact me directly at 561-762-4073 or just use the Quick Links to browse all homes for sale.

Richard Sites, Realtor