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Buying? Why a Home inspection is not part of the real estate contract

When buying a house, it is important to understand the role of the home inspection.  While nearly every home that goes under contract gets inspected, the inspection is not part of the contract.

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Why wouldn’t every home be inspected?  One reason may be the buyer doesn’t want the structure just the location to build a new home or due to another recent purchase, the house may just have been inspected.

The standard purchase and sale contract used in Palm Beach County home sales includes the provision for a home inspection.  Following the inspection, the buyer has the right to determine if they wish to continue with the purchase. But you do not have to have a contract on your home before getting it inspected.

Home inspectors can be hired to inspect a home anytime, regardless of a real estate contract.  In fact, one of our most experienced brokers in this area has a form letter she sends to new listings advising them to get a pre-contract home inspection to avoid any surprises that might come later.

It is always a good idea to know about bad news early since bad news does not get better with time.  In fact, just the opposite might be true.

So home inspectors do not work for the buyer, they are simply contracted by the buyer to inspect the dwelling then make a formal report, usually with pictures, of their findings.

If you are selling, you should strongly consider having the home inspected prior to listing it.  Then, you can fix any issues and present any buyer with the report and repairs which can eliminate the tense period while waiting for the report to come back and save the buyers a few hundred dollars, a good faith gesture that could hold any prospective deal together.

If you would like to have a confidential conversation about selling quickly and smoothly, please contact me directly at 561-762-4073.  Remember, hope is not an effective selling strategy.

Richard Sites, Realtor