NOTE 8 FOR REAL ESTATE, DO YOU NEED ONE? - Coastal Florida Real Estate


Yesterday, Samsung announced the return of their flagship product the Galaxy Note 8.  It joins the Galaxy S 8, which has been out for four months, at the top of their lineup of premium smartphones.

The Essential Phone has joined the competition too for the top position and is being produced by a new company founded by Andy Rubin, the man who invented Android.  Apple is scheduled to release the iPhone 8 next month and the Internet is buzzing with “leaked” features we can expect on the device.  My question is this: Do you need one for real estate?

Don’t They Take Great Pictures?

These phones take fabulous pictures.  Go to You Tube and you can see countless reviews of their picture quality.  But in real estate, agents should not be taking their own photos, only a professional should.

They also shoot in 4K video which is incredible.  But a professional can also shoot in 4K (or maybe as high as 8K) and should be adding aerial footage to the listing.  A professional should be licensed and insured to fly a drone, agents are not.

iOS 11

iOS 11 has some incredible features.  I have watched You Tube videos on it and it is a big improvement over previous versions but it will not help your agent reach more buyers or help buyers make an offer.


Hard to argue this, there will always be people who need the status of having the latest device, or car, or watch or whatever.  If this is the issue, buy an iPhone 8 when it comes out or a Samsung Note 8.

But when it comes to selling your house, none of these devices will help you sell nor help your agent communicate in a meaningful way with you (the seller) or with others agents or buyers.

Selling a house, or anything for that matter, depends on providing value to prospective customers.  Give a buyer a clean & staged home, properly priced with professional photograhs & videos and it will sell.

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Richard Sites, Realtor