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INTERNET HOME SEARCHES: Why You Shouldn’t Use More Than 1 Site

Internet home searches.  Has this ability to search the MLS “like an agent” really helped make things easier, or faster, or better?  Here are a few thoughts that can make your home search easier, faster and better.

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The idea of “The Internet of Things” stresses that the more “things” are connected to the Internet the better off we are.  Naturally, this concept was originated by those companies selling systems and devices and longing to connect everything from your car and refrigerator to the Internet.

When it comes to real estate though, the barrage of information flowing along the Information Superhighway can make your home search much more difficult and confusing.  How?

The MLS Data

First, ALL THE DATA relating to real estate on the interment comes from the same source which is the local MLS. Period.

All sites have the same data, same pictures, same facts, but they are delivered to you in a different user interface on each website whether that is an agent’s site, a company site or an aggregation site like Zillow.  So by searching over and over again on different sites and logging in to many different ones you are guaranteed just one thing: more agents will call you. So what is the answer?

Do a simple search in Google or Yahoo or Bing, then visit several different sites from the search results to find one that you like.  Then, try a search using their interface. If you find the enough appropriate criteria to include in your search, stay with that site and don’t start all over.

If you stay on one site you will most likely be contacted by only one agent.  But, as I have stressed before, the key to finding the right home is finding the right agent.  You are only making the water muddy by searching all over the web and speaking with all the agents that call.

I have been in the local real estate market for 13 years and if I was in the market for a home, I would spend my time talking to agents not looking for homes.  That is the job of the agent and they know, or should know, the communities better than you do.

Now, once the agent does the heavy lifting, it’s the buyer’s job to help them focus on what you really want and need. And the needs of buyers change during the search.  As different options present themselves, some will be more appealing than others.

Here’s an example.  In 2008, I was helping a couple relocate to the area.  They told me they absolutely, positively had to have a home with big trees.  Until they walked into a lake home, with no trees, and bought it.  They absolutely, positively had to have the lake view and could live without the trees.

So stick to one site and make your job easier, faster and certainly more productive.

If you think makes sense to have a conversation about buying or selling, you can reach me at 561-762-4073.  Unlike many agents, I have lived here 25 years and know the market inside and out.

Richard Sites, Realtor