In today’s world, we are bombarded with news, both fake and real, advertisements everywhere, constant commercials and real estate data coming at us from all sides.

Jupiter homes for sale

I just did a Google search of “Jupiter homes for sale” and got 499,000 results.  And every search result shown on Page 1 of Google promises to show me every home for sale in Jupiter.  What is interesting is that 4 of the sites list the number of homes for sale in Jupiter and yet they all show different numbers, two vary by a whopping 1,000 homes.  And these are major web sites. So can you trust this “data”?

Information Overload

We live in a time of information overload, actually “data” overload.  This is usually called “noise”.  We live in a noisy world.  Even President Trump contributes to it with his constant Twitter stream.

Everyone has the data, what you need is information.

  • You need real information.
  • You need to know how to interpret the information.
  • You need to know what the information means to your family.
  • You need a data translator.

Sites like Zillow, Trulia and even Realtor.com only provide data, not real, useful information.

Translating the data into meaningful information is the job of the professional real estate salesperson.

The Internet

When researching homes, whether to buy or sell, one of the worst things you can do is to spend time on the Internet looking for even more data.  If you would spend your time looking for the right agent, you would certainly have a better experience when buying or selling.

Of particular note are online valuations since they can be wildly off the mark and change daily.

All real estate websites pull from the same MLS data feed.  The only thing that varies is the user interface on each site.

Jumping from site to site to site ensures only one thing, you will be getting calls from agents at every site you visit.  Or you will be getting automated emails from all of them with the same listings.

Why not spend your time interviewing agents and quizzing them about their skills?

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Richard Sites, Realtor