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Hurricane season 2015, newest predictions for little activity

June is the beginning of hurricane season which runs until November 1.  Hurricanes are a part of the tropical ecosystem and occur in all warm waters.  In the Pacific they are called Typhoons but they are the same thing as our hurricanes.  Basically, they are very low pressure systems with counter clockwise winds spiraling into the center or “eye”.

Before the freak of nature seasons of 2004 & 2005 we had not had a hurricane in Palm Beach County since 1928.  This fact is never mentioned and many newcomers to this area think they are an annual occurrence.  The picture below was taken from my front porch as hurricane Wilma swept over us in 2005.


 Every year, the University of Oklahoma issues a hurricane prediction for the season.  Here is what they say about 2015.

“We anticipate that the 2015 Atlantic basin hurricane season will be one of the least active seasons since the middle of the 20th century. It appears quite likely that an El Niño of at least moderate strength will develop this summer and fall. The tropical and subtropical Atlantic are also quite cool at present. We anticipate a below-average probability for major hurricanes making landfall along the United States coastline and in the Caribbean.”  Further, they believe there will only be one major storm.

So what does this mean?  If you are moving to the area, don’t sweat the storms.  If you had been born in 1928 in Palm Beach County you might have gone your entire life without seeing one.  Now, insurers have figured out there is profit in storm preparedness so they factor this into your rates.

As for home construction many people believe wooden structures are not a strong as CBS construction.  The truth is all homes are built to the same code…period!  Wood just requires more upkeep and maintenance.

And down here the line of demarcation is I-95.  If you live east of it your homeowners insurance rate will be higher than if you live west of it.  Which doesn’t make any sense since the road is running on a NW-SE angle.  But that’s the way it is.

If you are considering a home in this area, unlike many agents I grew up in South Florida and have lived in Jupiter for 25 years so I can show you the best locations and some great deals.  You can reach me at 561-762-4073 or  You can also use this contact form.

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